Activities & Attractions

The Speed of Sound Festival has much more to offer than just music! Speed of Sound Fest promises to offer fun for the whole family with lots of exciting activities and attractions throughout the airport!

Plane Rides

Listen to music, learn the basics of flight, and see the Hudson Valley from a birds eye view! Brought to you by the Flight School at the Dutchess County Airport, flights last 20 minutes from takeoff to landing, and will be in operation from 1PM - 6PM. First come first serve unless you sign up beforehand.

  • $40 - Front Seat Spot
  • $30 - Back Seat Spot (2 Available) 

Email to reserve your spot today! 

helicopter rides

Independent Helicopters does not take reservations ahead of time, however you can book your time slot on-site. 

$55 per person per ride. 

Rides last 10 minutes and typically circle around the area with a view of the river.

Therapeutic Massage 

Available from 1PM-8PM. Sessions are 20 minutes for $20.

Renaissance Kids

Providing crafts and music activities to young ones!

The Little Gym 

A seriously fun time for kids and parents including class demonstrations, arts and crafts, and more!

Schedule of Activities: 

  • Arts and Crafts: 1PM - 2PM
  • Class demonstration: 2PM - 3PM
  • Arts and Crafts: 3PM - 4PM
  • Class demonstration: 4PM - 5PM
  • Arts and Crafts: 5PM - 6PM

Homespun Merry-Go-Round

About 20 years ago, Al Gori made a merry-go-round from scratch as an art school project. He used car parts, old motors, stuffed animals, gadgets, gizmos, and various knick-knackery, and over years of tinkering, created the most charming and unique little jungle-themed solar-powered merry-go-round that ever was. It is, in fact, a merry-go-round with soul. Ever since then, Al has cheerily been donning his safari hat and carting around his masterpiece to all kinds of children’s events, and even some adult events—like the inaugural Speed of Sound Festival!

Backyard Sports 

Take a break from the bands and play one of our field games for all ages: homemade twister, giant jenga, badminton, can jam and corn-hole.